something that needs to be said


have u ever wanted to hear a voice that sounded as if you are looking at shining, brilliant blocks of gold? or maybe you’ve seen those paint videos and love seeing the colors mix together into a more beautiful color than when you first started. 

or maybe u just want to cuddle by the fire and drink something warm. maybe play some soothing music in the background to make it feel more like home. 

if you want to be moved by a voice, this is where a wonderful singer comes in. and his name is

Nam Woohyun

and his voice is honestly. the most angelic sound you will ever hear in your entire life. he sings songs as if he put his whole heart out for the world to see, so please give a listen to some of my favorite nam woohyun moments ok

From when he was on Immortal Song 2 – here, you could visibly see how touched the audience was when he sang, and his voice honestly blew everyone away, even me, who was sitting behind a computer screen. i can’t even imagine how magnificent it was live. 

also throwback to him rocking out with Everyday (from his solo album). you can see him jumping around, having the best time of his life. this is probably my favorite song of his, and it makes you want to sing along too.

ALSO his solo debut song, Nod Nod, which is beautiful and if u haven’t watched it lately, i highly suggest watching it again. it’s so beautiful and has it’s own aesthetic. reminds me of the springtime, which is just when the song came out

recently he went on Masked Singer and sang his heart out, and wow, he moved the audience YET AGAIN with his beautiful voice. 

anyways, thanks for listening. Nam Woohyun is a treasure and i need everyone to recognize him and how talented he is