Infinite as College Freshmen


Sunggyu: Hates Clubbing. Loves drinking. Has a colour-coded timetable of the entire semester.

Dongwoo: Joins every. single. collge. club. Manages to keep on top of every single one of them, and his grades? (honestly don’t know how people manage that…)

Woohyun: Is already running for president of clubs. Parties every night. No, like, literally at every. fucking. party.

Hoya: Ain’t got time to deal with your shit. Probably is spending too much time at dance practice. Aces the subjects he enjoys.

Sungyeol: “We have lectures on Fridays????”

Myungsoo: Probably sleeping through all his morning lectures. Enjoys finding new food on campus. Rumour has it that he has never worn anything but black or flannel.

Sungjong: Rocks up to lectures in an outfit that costs more than tuition fees. Wild at parties, but people claim to have never seen him drink…